Teach us to number our days; that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”  __________________________Psalm 90:12 (NIV)

Imagine: You take a personal day or a mental health day off. You sleep in until 11:00 a.m. You pray, read the Bible, stretch, and finally get out of bed.  After breakfast, you shower, brush teeth, and dress – by now it’s 1:00 p.m.

“Where did the time go?” you say.

You had so much planned for your day off.

You begin to think that you’ve wasted a full day.

Don’t fret…It’s all good.

Sometimes your bodies need sleep, rest, relaxation, and recuperation.

Your temples often let you know  – with symptoms you tend to ignore.

My mother used to say, “Even iron wears out if not taken care of properly.”

I understand the feeling of thinking you’ve lost a day. In actuality, we have, because we cannot take the time back once it is gone.

We need to take care of our bodies.

We should also seek wisdom to use the time God gives us wisely.

Every second is a gift from God.

Ask God to give the Wisdom of Solomon to use time wisely.

Be wise as serpents and humble as doves.

Desire to make wise, knowledgeable, and discerning decisions in every area of life; even time off from work and chores.

Request wisdom to make the right and godly decisions about jobs, families, relationships, finances, health, and church.

Ask for wisdom to make decisions regarding the future.

Don’t take anything for granted – We may not be alive tomorrow or next year. It’s all in God’s hands.

He has already numbered our days – But, we don’t want to live foolishly and waste the days, hours, minutes, and seconds God is allowing us to live on this earth.

  • We need His guidance.
  • Desire His direction.
  • Request His wisdom.

God has a panoramic view of our lives – past, present, and future. He knows what the future holds for us. We must attempt to make the right decisions – try to choose godly – make choices that please Him; decisions consistent with His will for our lives.

God has great plans for us if we stay in His will. We ask for more wisdom and discernment.

We need Adonai’s wisdom to stay in His will.

We exalt God. We trust Yahweh. We fear El Shaddai.

The Bible says, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom…..” Proverbs 9:10 NIV