Many years ago, when I was dating,  I’d get upset when my boyfriend forgot to buy me chocolates or flowers on Valentines’ day or Sweetest Day. Especially when my friends bragged about the jewelry, candy, and flowers they got on those holidays. This led me to have a lengthy discussion with my man.

Most of you will not believe what he said… “They are not real holidays. They’re just commercial ‘holidays’ developed to have men spend more money on flowers and candy.”

He overlooked that we were in a relationship. Even if he didn’t believe in the holidays, he should have understood me well enough to recognize they were important to me – Not the gifts but him thinking of me on those days.

I was flabbergasted at his response. I thought we had a serious, intimate bond in which we respected and understood each other. A relationship where we cared about each other’s feelings, needs, and desires –  trusted and supported each other. We spent countless hours getting to know each other so I was dumbfounded that he didn’t realize I’d want to be remembered on those days, even if he felt they were ‘commercial’ holidays. One expects to have an intimate, special connection with a person he/she has spent many hours getting to know.

 I share this story to compare it to our relationship with Jesus (except for the roses and chocolates).

If we say we are Christ followers, we should have an intimate, private fellowship with Jesus.

We get that connection and intimacy by spending time with Him – prayer, meditation, studying Him, and reading His guidance Book. Our goal should be to think the way He thinks, know what pleases Him, and desire the same things that He does.

We can’t get that connection through our parents, grandparents or even our spouses’ faith. Nana can tell you all about Jesus – What He’s done for her. How much He has blessed her and changed her life. But it won’t build your relationship with Him.

Yes, you could possibly talk a good game and tell exceptional stories about ‘Him’ based on what Gramma shared.

It wouldn’t be authentic because you didn’t experience it.

Imagine your college friend’s dad being good friends with the President of the United States. You’ve heard him tell multiple stories and feel like you know the President. But if you were invited to dinner with your friend’s father and the President, you would be a total stranger. You may not be able to get within twenty feet of the President.

You know about him but you don’t know him personally.

If we are intimate with God/Jesus personally and don’t just know about Him; we should understand what He expects of us.

We should realize how much He loves us.

  • How He wants to bless us.
  • How He wants to prosper us.
  • How He wants to heal us.
  • How He wants to save us and our household.

Do you know God intimately or do you just know about Him?

“Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known”……………………………………………… Jeremiah 33:3 (ESV)