• Do you think others could be more considerate and less selfish?
  • Do you believe you would help someone if they were in need?
  • Do you say you would clean their house if needed, and they wouldn’t have to ask you?
  • Do you buy the same gift for your colleagues at Christmas so you will not appear to be showing favoritism?

That’s what we utter… But what would we really do if the situation materialized?

Have we always helped the homeless and panderers when they asked for money to buy a sandwich?

Could we honestly clean our friend’s house after working forty hours?

Would we buy all of our colleagues the same gift if we were closer to one than the others?

We ask God to help us not be critical and judgmental of others because they don’t do things the way we would or think the way we think.

We beseech our Heavenly Father to help us keep our mouths shut and not say anything when we feel critical.

We request that Jehovah help us keep the negative thoughts out of our minds and hearts, for out of the heart comes the issues of life.

What a man (woman) thinks is the way they are.

Complaining and criticizing are easy when we’re on the opposite side of the fence. Let’s stop blaming and start uplifting!

Criticizing another’s garden doesn’t keep the weeds out of your own. ___________________________________________Unknown