Excerpt from my novel “BEDEVILED” published in 2008.

…Satan and Scotty were messing with my mind so much that I got confused as to the will of God in my life and began believing Satan’s lie instead of God’s truth.

…They had me thinking if I was a ‘real’ Christian, God would protect me from all of the problems of the world, and we would have a perfect relationship because we were both Christians.

Let me tell you that born-again, Spirit-filled Christians have problems just like the rest of the human race.

It would be great if all saved people were perfect, but we are all striving for perfection in the Spirit of Jesus and therefore make mistakes, hurt others’ feelings, and do things contrary to God’s will. 

Christians are forgiven and don’t have to be perfect to receive the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.

I tried many times to make similar statements to Scotty.

But he was adamant that saved people don’t do anything wrong, and if we did, then we were not Christian.

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