I‘ve discussed love, partnership, and godly relationships, focusing on what we, individually, need to do to prepare ourselves for our mates.

Today I’ll discuss super-sensitivity.

Super-sensitivity is someone that is easily hurt emotionally. Someone who reacts according to the attitudes and feelings of others. Someone that is excessively or abnormally susceptible to others’ comments.

Does any of you relish the thought of being married to a person you have to tip around? As if they’re walking on hot coals, and you don’t know when he/she will scream, “You hurt my feelings?”

You could say, “I love you,” as you walk out the door. By the time you get to work you have a message from your spouse that he/she was hurt because you didn’t look at them when you said, “I love you.”

I’m sure none of you shouted, “I’d love to be married to a person like that.”

Most of us have enough problems, issues, and concerns surviving day-to-day. To add a super-sensitive spouse to the mix would be more than most of us could handle.

So if any of us are a super-sensitive person, we are not ready for marriage.

We need to mature and toughen like a reptile.

We need to let the comments roll off like a duck lets the water roll off.

We need to shake the hurt feelings off like a dog shakes liquid off.

We need to look inside to see how we are contributing to the sensitivity issue.

Instead of us wearing our feelings on our sleeves, letting others’ comments dictate how we react; we should “cast our burden on the LORD and He will sustain us.” Psalm 55:22.

Yahweh is the only one that can help us let go of super-sensitivity.

El Elyon is the one that will strengthen us when we’re feeling hurt.

Jehovah is the one that can prepare us for our godly mate.

King Solomon gives us wisdom on handling our super-sensitivity problem – We are to be cautious of what we say and how we respond.

If we want to prepare ourselves for the institution of marriage we should:

Be wise.

Crucify our flesh.

Not personally internalize everything that is said to us.


As I said earlier, we need to let some things just ‘roll off.’

We need to turn the sensitivity over to Jesus.

Work to conform to His image.

Turn our emotions over to Him.

Try to live according to God’s standards.