Hello again…

There are multiple issues women and men need to expose in their lives before they go to the altar. I picked out a few to discuss. Not because they’re the most profound, perhaps unconsciously because they are the areas I need to deal with.

Insecurity is being beset by fear and anxiety. Always feeling uncertain, not sure, not confident.

Can you think of incidents in which insecurity could negatively affect a relationship?

Which one of you wants to be with a mate that you have to reassure constantly? Verbalize that he/she is loved, appreciated, accepted unconditionally. Tell them they are handsome/beautiful. State how smart, kind, and loving they are. Reassure them twenty-four/seven that you will always be there for them?

Yes, we should let our partners know daily that we love and appreciate them. It should be done from love and not from obligation.

Men, you need to verbally tell your woman you love and appreciate her as well as demonstrate your love to her. Flowers, gifts, clothes, and jewelry are all appreciated but women also want to hear their man say these words – “I love you.”

On the flip side of the coin, women do not want to hear her partner state every day that he loves her and treat her disrespectfully. Disrespect her in front of others. Treat her rudely.  Call her names.  Talk harshly to her.  Physically, mentally, emotionally, or sexually abuse her.

Women, we need to let our man know we support him, respect him, is proud of him, and has his back. We should verbalize that we love him too. But I think it is more important for women to demonstrate to our mates that we respect and honor them.

How many females can truly love a man that you don’t respect? If we don’t honor and respect him we will eventually talk to him disrespectfully, make major decisions without discussing them with him, cease communicating with him.

Have you learned to be submissive, ladies?

Can you submit to your husband in everything?

I’m not talking about being a doormat. I’m not discussing letting someone think for you, use you, abuse you. I’m not speaking about losing your own individuality.

God made you unique and special. A helpmate to the man. The godly mate will be able to recognize your unique and special characteristics. He will treat you as the precious, royal vessel that you are.

Ladies, submissive does not mean weak!

Submission simply means to be humble. To defer to the opinion or authority of another. We can be humble and still have an opinion. We can defer to the opinion of our husband in major decision making and still give important input.

Remember, marriage is a team effort. The two have become one.

Women, can you let a man be the head of your life?

Can you respect a man even when you’re angry with him?

That’s what we choose to do if we expect to be godly and supportive wives. The Bible says the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church. Many women have issues with a ‘man’ being head. Well, we will have to deal with it. Ask the Holy Spirit to help us be submissive if we desire to be a godly, loving, submissive, respectful wife, as Paul talks about. We will also have to deal with our insecurity. Not wanting to talk to him because he hurt our feelings.

A person could love us with all his/her heart and with everything the Bible says to do. We would still be miserable if we haven’t dealt with our insecurity issue.

Our spouse cannot make us feel secure, that is something that we need to take to God.

The good news is that we can be delivered from insecurity and the nagging feeling of fear and anxiety hovering over us.

We need to be set free from insecurity before we are ready to become a godly, stable spouse.

Stay tuned for more…