“Oh, Lord, help me this day to keep my big mouth shut!”

I was given a plaque with those words written on it when I was younger.

After investigation, I discovered I received the plaque because the giver felt I needed to “think” before I “spoke.”

I was upset and argued that I didn’t talk any more than anyone else, and vehemently stated, “I have a right to my opinion just like everyone else.”

Many years later, after getting in trouble with my tongue multiple times, I realized the giver was correct, and I did need to “keep” my big mouth shut!

In those days, whatever was in my head came out of my mouth – no filters.

And I also discovered that my getting angry quickly was a controlling spirit. Owee

But Glory to God! I’ve been set free from the fires of the tongue, learned to listen twice as much as I speak, and realized that I don’t have to have the last word. 

Control is to exercise restraining or directing influence over another, to have power over or rule another.

Controlling someone is to dominate them, think for them, speak for them, and even act for them.

I could write several books about being in relationships with controlling men.

It seemed that type of man magnetized me.

I prefer confident men and initially viewed the fellows as confident and self-assured, but I soon realized they were controlling and insecure.

“A controlling spirit is not something we want as part of our repertoire.”

The person with the controlling spirit cannot control their emotions and, consequently, waves of anger if things don’t go their way.


What are your thoughts about a controlling person?