God Forgot to Create My Soulmate

Are you thirty, forty, fifty, or older and think God fogot to create your soulmate?

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Hannah Cotton has waited fifteen years for the man who causes her breath to increase and her heart to flutter. She yearns to be married to a man who adores her, and they can spend the rest of their life together. When she attends Pastor Shelby’s series on Did God Forget to Create My Soulmate, discouragement arrests her, and she questions if she is ready for marriage.

When Hannah learns she must look into the mirror of her soul at her behaviors, her emotions take her on a rollercoaster ride, up, down, and all around. During the ten-week series, Pastor Shelby teaches about self-centeredness, insecurity, loneliness, and super-sensitiveness as barriers to a successful marriage. And when the pastor adds pride, controlling, condescending, and self-aggrandizing behaviors, Hannah begins to think she is unprepared for matrimony as she studies her character defects, behaviors, and sensitivities that could destroy her union.

Will Hannah, in her quest for spiritual renewal, follow Pastor Shelby’s instructions and discover her readiness to be a wife? Or will she succumb to the belief that God has forgotten to create her soulmate?

GOD FORGOT TO CREATE MY SOULMATE is a short piece of Christian fiction that follows Hannah’s soul-searching journey as she discovers whether she is ready for marriage. It can be read by anyone but opens the eyes of those considering marriage.

Spirituality and humor mix to make this story an engaging and delightful read.

Barbara Harvey Carter is a retired registered nurse residing in Texas. She has spent more than two decades as an addiction counselor, group facilitator, trainer, and healthcare professional in the medical and mental health specialties.

Having worked with domestic abuse clients in her professional career and experienced the assaults of abuse, Barbara is knowledgeable and empathetic to the needs of abused women. She believes in women’s empowerment and supporting females in their endeavors. She also promoted holistic health – mind, body, and soul – as co-owner of SB Fitness Health Club for several years.

Before relocating, she volunteered as an intercessor, encourager, teacher, and planner at religious, community, and professional organizations. Besides being a fiction Christian author who writes about relationships, the supernatural, and the paranormal, Barbara enjoys spending time with her Lord, Jesus Christ, her son, Darrin, daughter-in-love, Melody, grandchildren Tarrin, Kameron, Jaylen, and her extended family.

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